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Why are our windows in our hotel rooms closed?

All of our hotel rooms use the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi VRF air-conditioning system. This system is based on an air-heat pump principle. It offers heating and cooling as required, using heat recovered through the R2-system, which is an efficient use of energy.

How does it work?

Warm air will be extracted from the rooms requiring cooling and this energy will be used to heat other rooms requiring a higher temperature. Windows have to be closed for our hotel air-conditioning system to recover the hot air.  Additional fresh air is added from controlled external roof vents.

Hotel rooms

All of our hotel rooms are provided with air-conditioning, which allows our visitors to set the temperature to suit themselves. This air-conditioning is state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The fan on the interior will make sure there is a steady flow of fresh air.  To maintain the temperature balance, we are required to keep the windows closed.

Why the toilet water is sometimes coloured?

At Stayen, rainwater is collected and reused to flush the toilets. Our new synthetic turf field no longer contain rubber crumbs, where were replaced with cork.  The recycled rain water may contain small cork remnants. This cork can leak colour and for this reason the toilet water sometimes colours.

Healthy interior climate at Stayen by using bio-organisms

At Stayen, we want to develop a positive, interior micro-climate. For that reason, we use natural micro-organisms rather than aggressive chemical products. These positive organisms are placed in the building to safely and effectively clean up the visible and invisible pollution.

We continue to create a healthy interior building climate.

We co-operate with the company BioOrg and use different products ranges to clean all interiors.

Uni-products: for general cleaning

Deep-clean-products: for sanitary cleaning

The hotel rooms and spaces are tested biologically every 6 months in collaboration with the University of Ghent for compliance with best ecological practises and Wellness Principles.

‘Healthy living in healthy buildings’.


Other actions to create a ‘green and ecological’ Stayen

The spotlights in our West-tribune are led lights.

Led lights illuminate the football pitch and include the massive stadium spotlights which further contributes to a  huge reduction of CO2-emission.

Motion sensors are provided throughout the building in places to control lighting which means that if there is not local activity then no light will burn and waste energy.

We ask our hotel guests to please leave towels on the bathroom floor if they want them to be replaced and washed. We would encourage our visitors to reuse their towels when possible.

Recovered rain water is filtered and used in laundry facilities in line with Stayen policy on implementing best ecological practises.

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