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Grand Café

"The Business Corner in Coin Cuisine in an ideal venue for a quick and delicous business lunch."

                                   - Dennis Morton

Grand Café is a cosy brasserie where you can enjoy well-sourced French-Belgian cuisine. 


The terrace overlooking STVV’s football field is a  real asset.  Children can enjoy themselves in the kid’s corner. 


If you are looking for peace and discretion, you can head to the business area in Coin Cuisine, where a customized business lunch or dinner is served daily.

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Our Chef: Tom
Lunch menu
17/02 Bird's nest - tomato - mushroom sauce - puree
18/02 Cauliflower bacon - savoy - mashed potatoes
            - mustard sauce 
19/02 Pasta Amatriciane 
20/02 chicory -  cheese -bacon - mashed potatoes
21/02 Sole rolls - leeks - baby potatoes
22/02 Steak - fries - pepper sauce 
Menu in het Nederlands

Monday – Friday open from 7:00

(kitchen closes at 22:00)

Saturday – open from 8:00

(kitchen closes at 22:00)

Sunday – open from 8:00

(kitchen closes at 22:00)

Play Area

Located East of Brussels with a direct train from Brussels Station and easy access from Brussels International, Charleroi, Liege & Eindhoven airports, choosing to stay at Hotel Stayen in Sint-Truiden is a smart choice.  The surrounding Haspengouw area provides the perfect balance of business and leisure.

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